Paige Mahoney

Paige is a “dreamwalker” which means that she can leave her body using only her spirit. For this reason I wanted to show her in both forms simultaneously. The skyline is Oxford, the prison where Paige and other clairvoyants are held in the first book of the series.

Arcturus Mezarthim

Arcturus (Warden) is a complicated character – I’ll keep the spoilers to myself – who is not human. In my drawing, I tried to capture his beauty and his glowing eyes.

Jaxon Hall

Jaxon is a brooding, intellectual character and I wanted to capture his sadness. Behind him in the city of London.

About The Bone Season

If you like these portraits, I highly recommend reading Samantha Shannon’s series, The Bone Season! I listened to the entire series on Audible and I genuinely cannot wait for the next one.

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The Bone Season

After reading Samantha Shannon's The Bone Season series, I wanted to bring my vision of the characters to life. In the series, there are certain individuals who can see the "aether", which is invisible to everyone else. For my drawings, I wanted to capture the personalities of the characters, but also their connection to that invisible world.

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